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Current Version 0.9.7 Belgrade


Online your 4K footage. Crimson Workflow™ is a tool for transforming sequences created in popular Non-Linear Editing Software, such as Final Cut Pro, Avid and Premiere. It allows proxies, and offline material to be replaced by higher quality material, by efficiently managing the use of two software products distributed by the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, namely Redline and Redcine.

Crimson Workflow™ leverages many tools for troubleshooting less than perfect metadata and file structures giving the user tools to properly reconnect to original material. It also facilitates the use of Redcine after, rather than before editing a project.

Crimson Workflow™ is targeted at smaller productions and individuals. But you might find it useful, no matter how large your production.

Crimson Workflow™ can be downloaded from this site. The free version can only process the first 5 clips in a sequence. Users can also purchase a serial number that removes the 5 clip restraint.

Crimson Workflow™ currently works on Macintosh computers and supports XML sequences from Final Cut Pro. I am planning support for Avid and Adobe Premiere in the near future. I am also planning a Windows version that will be sold seperately.

There are detailed instructions here: http://www.redhax.net/wiki/Crimson Workflow

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That would be me, IBloom. We have a forum setup on our website for asking questions, requesting features and reporting bugs. I will be on these forums attempting to answer your questions. I am also available by telephone, Skype, iChat and Remote Desktop as a paid consultant only, inquire via email.

If you buy this software today, you can expect the following features to be enabled in the near future:

  • Loading and Saving Workflow Templates
  • Undo and Redo enabled
  • Support for AVID XML sequences
  • Support for Premiere XML sequences
  • Support for CMX 3600 EDLs
  • Blind Color Correction Tools Completed
  • Blind Framing Tools Completed
  • Support for GlueTools™
  • Support for the application formerly known as RedTools
  • Proper handling of speed changes and reverse in XML sequences.
  • Trimmed R3D Intermediates (as soon as a tool is available)
  • Timecode and R3D Metadata awareness.
  • Python Scripting Enabled

If you buy a serial number today, you are buying incomplete software still in development. Updates listed above will be included with this serial number and bug fixes will be for life.

You cannot currently import color data from Redcine because it does not yet export this information. The code is already written into Crimson but disabled to prevent confusion.

It is likely that significant changes in Redcode from build 16 may have an effect on Crimson. No complaints here, keep up the good work Red! But do expect some delays if I need to rebuild.

Crimson can roundtrip an XML or EDL file, but it cannot and may never take an XML from one application and convert it to an XML from another application. If you have this need, I would suggest purchasing Automatic Duck.

If a windows version of Crimson is released, do not expect your serial number from your Mac version to transfer over. You will need to purchase a new serial number.

Future updates of Crimson will limit the number of machines you can install the software on with one serial number. For now: have a ball but remember you are legally bound not to distribute your serial number, and said serial number is bound to your name.

I will attempt to keep Crimson competitive as others come to market with their workflows. Crimson has one advantage: I will actually be using this software to push the limits with my own camera.

Depending on how things go, I have some ideas that I will be building in addition to what is listed above under things you can expect. Expect these to be badass and expect to pay for them as an upgrade or a seperate application.

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